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Whiskey Stones & Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Tasting Gift Set

Whiskey Stones & Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Tasting Gift Set

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Experience the Perfect Blend of Whiskey and Coffee with Our Gift Set

Please note that this product cannot be delivered in Europe.

Looking for the ultimate gift for a whiskey and coffee lover? Our Whiskey Stones & Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Tasting Gift Set is the perfect choice. This unique set combines a 4oz tasting bag of specialty coffee with 6 handcrafted granite chilling stones, providing a stunning and fun tasting experience. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting it to a loved one, this set is guaranteed to impress.

Key Features:

  • Taste the Difference with R.O.C.K.S. Whiskey Stones - Our award-winning Whiskey Stones are highly efficient and fast-cooling. Made from premium granite, these non-diluting stones ensure that your fine whiskey stays perfectly chilled without watering it down. Each set of stones features different colors that beautifully stand out on our hardwood tray.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee - We've paired Colombian Fair Trade and Single Origin coffee with aged Kentucky Bourbon barrels to create a unique and delicious blend. The coffee is aged for 45-60 days and then roasted fresh to perfection by a small batch Master Roaster in New England, USA. The resulting flavor profile includes notes of chocolate hazelnut, sweet plums, roasted nuts, and a bourbon finish.
  • Amazing Taste Profile - Our medium-dark roast brings out the smooth and natural profile of the grade 1 coffee beans. Combined with the bourbon, it offers a truly amazing yet subtle scent. This tasting set is perfect for coffee enthusiasts and makes a great gift for those who already "have everything." Get creative and try new coffee-based whiskey cocktails or even the first-ever bourbon cold brew!
  • Impressive Gift Set - Our gift set includes the stunning whiskey chilling stones and comes in a magnificent and unrivaled box. The attention to detail is evident, making this set a showstopper. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence.
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